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NEW MUSIC | Sade | Love Is Found

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NEW MUSIC | Sade | Still In Love With You

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NEW MUSIC | Musiq Soulchild | Yes

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El DeBarge

El DeBarge ft. 50 Cent | Format

From El’s upcoming album “Second Chance.”  Not mad at this at all.

Download here.

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Take One

Kanye West ft. Keri Hilson x Pusha T x Cyhi the Prince | Take One For the Team

Mr. West delivers his latest installment from the “G.O.O.D Fridays” series, and it’s pretty dope.  Hard beat and Kanye specifically goes in hard with his lyrics.  A bit taken back by Keri Hilson’s appearance, but it’s still a pretty dope track. 

Thank you Mr. West for saving the day, with all the crappy music that came out this week, I think I should spend more time taking pictures for my blog instead.

Download Here.

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Aint Thru

Keyshia Cole ft. Nicki Minaj | I Ain’t Thru

I expected a bit more from this track considering the potential of these two together.  I don’t hate it, in fact the drums are pretty dope.  Lyrically I thought it should have been more powerful, however the ladies may like it.

Download Here.

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Get Back Up

T.I. ft. Chris Brown | Get Back Up

Okay, soooo…these are two dudes that generally don’t get appearances on my blog very often, and when they do, I’m usually talking smack about them.  Being that it’s early on a Saturday morning and I haven’t had my second cup of coffee, maybe I’m not feeling like my normal self just yet.

Considering all the dumb sh*t these two dudes have done recently, Get Back Up is an apropo track for them to collaborate on.  The only reason I’m posting it, is because it’s not half bad.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not great, it just probably the best thing either of them have done for a while.

Chris, there’s still a long way before you’re “back up” kid.  And T.I., there’s not many things I hate more than to see young brothas locked up, especially for generally doing dumb sh*t.  You have noone to blame but yourself, but I’ll still be wishing you strength over this next stretch.

Download Here.

Rick Ross ft. Chrisette Michelle & Drake | Aston Martin Music

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JYJ ft. Kanye West & Malik Yusef | Ayy Girl

So to say Kanye is spreading his wings a bit of an understatement these days.  And I’m all for him spreading those wings if it’s going to keep him off award show stages. 

"Ayy Girl" is Kanye’s latest collabo with South Korean boy band JYJ.  It’s interesting to say the least, and I mean that in a good way.

Download here.

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Jamie Foxx ft. Rick Ross | Livin’ Better

I expected a bit more from this track as it started a bit slow and never picked up lyrically like I hoped it might.  Nonetheless, it’s not bad and the Biggie sample is pretty dope.  You can grab it here.