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Foreign Exchange x Jesse Boykins III x Median | Make Me A Fool

This is a new track from the upcoming Foreign Exchange album “Authenticity” which will hit stores October 12.  It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the FE crew, but there are a lot of guest appearances on this album, it promises to be dope. 

Tuesday is right around the corner, this should hold you until then!

Download Here.

Janelle Monae x Lupe Fiasco x B.o.B. - Tightrope

My Thursday was just made a little bit better!  Dope woman, dope MCs, dope track, dope video.  Another reason to keep hope alive for the music industry!

Crooks & Castles Limited Edition Drake Tee

Now this is how the game should be played on both sides of the ball.  You have the clothing leveraging the artist, the artist leveraging the clothing, and two way support from everyone involved.  Big ups to the crew at Crooks&Castles for their creativity, and big ups to Drake for “going gold” his first week out.